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  • There is already a very blatant attack on the Biblical worldview taking place all around us. Most deceptions are designed to keep people from exploring faith in the first place, let alone embracing Yeshua as our Lord and Savior. The adversary is not satisfied with deceiving most people. He wants as many people as possible and the most satisfying souls for him to steal are those who were on the right path but who fell away at the last moment.

    He wants as many as he can take and the pre-trib rapture doctrine is designed specifically to go after those people. This is the primary allure of the pre-trib rapture doctrine. It tells Christians that they will not be around when the real evil sweeps the planet. It makes them believe that they are not going to face the tribulations and trials set forth for the rest of the world.

    It makes them feel special, protected, and means that they have nothing to worry about. First and foremost, the last portion is true: With true faith, we have absolutely nothing to worry about in this life because we are not of this world. They can persecute us, torture us, and even kill us, but maintaining our faith to the end will assure us of salvation and eternal life.

    To make things worse, we can assume that alternate worldviews such as Panspermia, big bang evolution, unification of religion, and world governments will be promoted to Christians experiencing the tribulation when their pre-trib rapture beliefs are shattered. What the Pre-Trib Rapture Doctrine Does to Jews An argument can be made that the pre-trib rapture doctrine is designed specifically to keep as many Jews as possible away from the faith.

    Think about it from their worldview. They are the chosen people and many have been raised to believe that obeying the laws is their path to eternal life. Some have doubts; more Jews are coming over to belief in Yeshua as their Messiah every day. Now, once the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine is introduced, they can see the situation as giving them the best of both worlds.

    If the Christian faith is correct, the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine tells them that they will have time to convert once the tribulation starts. In essence, it would make logical sense to a Jew who is living by Torah but who is considering the possibility of becoming a Messianic Jew to continue to deny that Yeshua is their Messiah.

    The pre-trib rapture perspective allows them to hedge their bets. It tells them that if their Jewish teaching is correct, they win. The pre-tribulation rapture doctrine gives them a valid logical reason to deny the truth today and accept it tomorrow if things pan out.

    When tribulation comes and the Christians are not raptured, it will reaffirm their erroneous beliefs. Thankfully, they will be shown the truth and many will convert and accept Yeshua at the last hour, but the deception is made to keep them from seeing the truth now. As part of the Compassion and Fear Serieswe have produced a few articles on the subject: It has been hard for believers in Christ to comprehend the possibility of the masses falling away from Christianity because faith has been a powerful part of society for nearly two millenniums, but we are seeing it today.

    Moreover, we are seeing the spreading of a seed that will cause further apostasy amongst believers in Yeshua as our Lord and Savior: Most who have gone to church in the last hundred years have likely considered the possibility at the very least that the rapture of the church will occur before the tribulation that is spoken of in many books of the Bible, including the Book of Revelation.

    The vast majority of popular churches teach that believers will be called up to Heaven before the tribulation. Simply stated, the Bible does not support this claim. Yeshua will come in the clouds and call up those who are believers. This will not happen prior to the tribulation.

    The sun and moon will be darkened, and then He shall return. The majority of churches that teach Imminency, the concept that Jesus will return at any moment and His people will be raptured at that time, point to one verse to counter the argument of signs that will precede His second coming: This is obviously a true statement. It is also one that is completely misunderstood. The fact that we nor anyone else can know the day or the hour does not mean that He can come at any time.

    Throughout the Gospels and the writings of Paul, we hear of things that must happen before His return.

    Why It Is Believed

    It is not for us to know the day or the hour, but the season will make itself very evident. We will see certain events occur. One of those series of events are known as the Great Tribulation. The not-so-simple answer is that Satan is push this as part of his agenda. It is Satan the rules the earth. His goal is to pull as many people away from the faith as possible, which is why he and his minions began deceiving Christians at their core starting in the early 19th century with the doctrine of a pre-tribulation rapture.

    He has brought about and continues to bring about waves of deceptions to pull people away from even considering the Word of the Bible, but this particular deception is to attack those who are wanting to be strong in their faith. They will not be ready. They will not be prepared to fight against persecution. They will be more willing to be deceived in order to save their lives. They will be more open to deceptions of the Anti-Christ. They will be more likely to worship the false messiah to take his mark in order to buy and sell.

    They will see the formation of the one world government, the one world economy, and the single world leader and they will do so more willingly than those who have their eyes open. This is arguably the greatest deception that Satan has pulled off thus far. Why Churches Teach It Building a church is not as black and white for most as it is for others.

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    There are those sitting in the seats of church leadership who realize that a pre-tribulation rapture is not correct but they continue to preach it in fear that their congregation will shrink or disappear altogether if they go against the grain.

    There are those who are in the club and those who are not in the club. Those who are in the club are able to speak at events, sell books, build up an online following, and prosper as a church. Those who are not in the club have a much harder time finding relevance in this world.

    Today, the club is made up of pre-tribulation rapture teachers. Not all do it because of ignorance or greed. There are those who teach it because they feel that a message that can resonate with more people is better than a message that alienates many.

    Why Churches Teach It

    We believe there is a likelihood that many people will fall away in the last days, but others will open their eyes as well. If, however, they are weakened by expectations of a pre-tribulation rapture, it will be more difficult to bring them back to the truth. Debating the Issue It is sad when I read some of the assertions of those who continue to fight the truth of post-tribulation rapture.

    They are often excellent writers or orators fighting from a misguided perspective. In all of our studies of those promoting a post-tribulation rapture, I have never heard this premise before. Below, you will see videos of people who have formed their doctrine based solely on the Word of the Bible, who make it crystal clear that a post-tribulation rapture is without a doubt the reality, and that the theory of a pre-tribulation rapture is damaging to those to which it is taught.

    The Words of Jesus Christ should be the resounding end of any debate that He will return before the tribulation: There are other verses that also make it clear, but this is obviously the most specific. There are those who will say this is referring only to the Jews.

    There are those who will use charts and graphs to convince you of a pre-tribulation rapture. They will point to interpretations by Darby, Ephraem the Syrian, and Scofield as proof. Do not be misled. Rather than point to the evidence or attempt to debate the concept, I will defer to a few people who have done more research on the subject than me.

    Please take the time to watch these videos and share this article. We must open our eyes, see the truth, and spread it to all that we can. Here are also some links to other articles about the pre-tribulation rapture: Will Christians Go Through the Tribulation? Rodman Williams One of the most critical areas today in prophecy has to do with the understanding of tribulation. The New Testament speaks of "tribulation," also "great tribulation," and the debate hinges on whether the church true believers will or will not go through it.

    Lightner speaks of "at least four different views of the church's relation to the tribulation: How is it possible to decide among such varying viewpoints?

    Surely the issue is an important one, and interpretations vary a great deal on this. Let me make some suggestions to help. First, some comments about the rapture of the church. The place in Scripture that most clearly teaches a rapture is 1 Thessalonians 4: The final words are: And the dead in Christ will rise first; then we who are alive, who are left, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and so we shall always be with the Lord.

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    Paul also in 1 Corinthians Second, nothing is said in either passage directly about the relation of the rapture to tribulation. However, the implication in 1 Thessalonians 4 is that no tribulation follows the rapture. For rather than saying something like, "So shall we be delivered from tribulation," the text thereafter reads, "so shall we always be with the Lord. Third, we need also to examine the word "tribulation.

    Returning to 1 Thessalonians, we observe that Paul writes in chapter 3 that "we sent Timothy That no man should be moved by these afflictions [the Greek word is a form of thlipsis, hence "tribulations"]: For verily, when we were with you, we told you before that we should suffer tribulation; even as it came to pass, and ye know" vv.

    Since this chapter 3 precedes the next 4 on the rapture, and also declares that we are "appointed" to tribulation, even to "suffer" the same, it would seem apparent that tribulation precedes the rapture to come. Let us also note some words of Jesus. In Matthew 24, Jesus tells His disciples, "They will deliver you up to tribulation [thlipsin], and put you to death" v.

    Clearly tribulation here precedes the return of Christ and the rapture of the church.

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