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  • 37. Feminine Tattoo Quotes

  • These quotes are incredibly meaningful tattoos. People get all sorts of tattoos, butterflies, symbols, lions, quotes, etc. They may mean something to them, or they may just like them. But, there is a special kind of tattoo. Those tattoos are made with purpose and meaning. They are made so they could remind their owners every single day of a certain matter that means so much to them. If you want to get a meaningful tattoo, but you are not sure what to put, here are some ideas. Forever in My Heart In the picture above, you can see a heart, date, heartbeat and a quote.

    Now, sadly the heartbeat has stopped on the given date. Our loved ones that have passed away will remain forever in our hearts. Meaningful Coordinates Is there one place in this world that means everything for you? It may be your home, it may be a certain city, it may be any place in this world where something so special happened to you. Limited Time Offer click photo One great example of meaningful tattoos is quotes.

    This particular quote is so powerful, and it will remind you of one other quote: Tattoos like this can be placed anywhere on your body. From your head to toe, litterally. This particular tattoo reminds us of the fact that every good person has a bad side, just like every bad person has a good side. Simple Meaningful Tattoo This tattoo is very simple. You can see four words: The line tells us that it should always be: Do you agree with this?

    Meaningful Finger Tattoo One word can mean so much to a person. This word may be a name, place, or even family, like on the tattoo in the picture above. Did you know it is believed that the ring finger and heart are directly connected with one vein? That is why the wedding bands are put on ring finger, and so are meaningful tattoos. Foot Quote Tattoo Feet are also a great place for tattoos. This tattoo is definitely done in the right place. Sometimes, in our lives, we wander away from the path we were on.

    Maybe we decided to do that, so we could change something in our lives. And, for wandering, you must use your feet! Hip Quote Tattoo Do you remember when I said that quote tattoos look good on every part of the body? Do you believe me now?

    Usually, these quote tattoos are meaningful because they remind their owners to never give up and stop believing in themselves. Meaningful Giraffe Tattoo I have never seen a tattoo like this before.

    Words perfectly replace the body of the giraffe, and together, they send a strong message. Another tattoo that can be done like this, is the word bed. The word bed, actually looks like a bed!

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    If you love your bed, and sleeping then show that to the rest of the world! That is when this tattoo comes in. It would remind you to always seize your day and keep meaningless things from ruining your days.

    Meaningful Dates Tattoo People love remembering dates. We remember birthdays, anniversaries, and even deaths. If you have some dates that mean a lot to you, keep them on your skin. In the image above, I believe these are the birthdays of three siblings. If you have siblings and you would like to pay a special tribute to them, then get a tattoo like this.

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    Tattoo for Your Dad Whenever I needed guidance, my parents were there for me. We are all connected to our parents, and we would love to keep them forever. Sadly, that is impossible. But, one thing is possible. We can keep the memory of our parents live, as long as we are alive. And tattoos are a great way to keep that memory alive to the day our own hearts stop beating.

    Motivational Quote Tattoo Motivational quotes are great for meaningful tattoos. Motivational quotes do exactly that. Usually, fears prevent us from doing so many things in our life.

    That is why a tattoo like this can be a perfect reminder and motivation for you to never let your fears hold you down. Forever in Your Heart This tattoo can be done in two ways. The quote can stay the same, but the date can change the meaning of the entire tattoo. However, the date can also be the date your loved one passed away. Then, the tattoo would represent your dedication to keep the memory of that person alive, forever.

    Never Stop Learning Getting up after a failure and actually learning something from it is a super power. Many people usually get depressed after failing. I know I do.

    Tattoo Quotes To Inspire You

    Getting a tattoo like this would remind you that there is nothing bad in failing. Instead, get up, learn something from your mistakes and try again! Handwriting Meaningful Tattoo This is a unique tattoo! But, you know what would make a great tattoo? Hand Quote Inspirational Tattoo Hand tattoos can also be motivational and meaningful.

    If you think about it, the body part which you look at the most is your hand s. That is why you should think about getting a meaningful tattoo there.

    Check out the best meaningful tattoos for men

    This way, you will be always reminded of that very thing which means so much to you. Religious Meaningful Tattoo Religious people find happiness and relief in their belief. This quote is inspiring, and the tattoo placement could not be better. Mind Over Matter It should always be mind over matter. This saying has so many meanings, but mostly it is about materialism and rationalism.

    Everybody can interpret this saying in his or her own way. If you find this saying meaningful, then this particular tattoo is a great choice for you. Freedom Is Life Or, life is freedom? What matters is that freedom is one of the most important things in our life. We all should have the freedom to say what we think, to do what we want to, to have others respect our rights. Extroverts prefer to have huge and colorful tattoos.

    While introverts are already contented with small and creative tattoos, sometimes even with sad quotes. During the early years, people with tattoos are being discriminated in the society.

    They cannot get any employments or promotions. They are not accepted in elite groups. But nowadays, everything has changed. People are now starting to notice the art, creativity, and originality of tattoos.

    If you are interested in getting a tattoo then you should choose something which is meaningful. Small Meaningful Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women Meaningful tattoos are usually chosen by people who are very explicit.

    37. Feminine Tattoo Quotes

    They want tattoos which can be easily understood. There is no knowledge needed in understanding the meaning of the tattoo. A lot of people choose meaningful tattoos that are linked to certain events in their lives.

    If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Originally posted by pinterest A deep and meaningful quote which talk about love. Moon and Planets The planets and the moon tattoo designs are ideal for people who love astronomy. Anchor tattoo The anchor tattoo is one of those meaningful tattoos which symbolized reliability and stability. Arm band tattoo Meaningful tattoos can be symbolic and fashionable as well. Everything will be okay in the end. Originally posted by cuded This meaningful tattoo is for people who are hoping that things will get better.

    Hummingbird Tattoo Designs This tattoo design looks great on the finger. Bird tattoo The bird tattoo looks great behind the ear.

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