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  • The repeal took effect May 1, On April 28,Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed legislation allowing local communities to vote on whether to allow alcohol sales on Sundays. On November 8,voters in more than Georgia cities and counties voted on a bill that would allow stores to sell alcohol on Sundays. It passed in Valdosta, Atlanta, Savannah and many other cities. Exceptions were also made by the drink at festivals and large events.

    Inthe law was changed to allow carry-out purchases on Sundays. Restaurants and taverns can generally still serve alcoholic beverages. In the state of Indiana, as of March 1,Sunday alcohol sales are allowed between the hours of 12pm and 8pm. Iowa[ edit ] Iowa Code The laws against the department stores opening on Sundays were ended by referendum in Recent efforts to overturn the laws restricting automobile dealerships from opening on Sunday have died in committee in the Maine legislature.

    Don Pilon of Saco has led the effort to get rid of the laws that prohibit automobile dealerships from opening for business on Sundays. Hunting is prohibited on Sundays. Monday through Saturday and 1 a. Motorcycles are excepted in Anne Arundel County. In the City of Baltimorea used car dealer may choose to operate on Sunday and not Saturday if it notifies the Motor Vehicle Administration in advance of its intention.

    Following a public hearing, the Commissioners of Charles County are allowed to authorize sales of motor vehicles on Sunday. Exceptions were made in for municipalities that were within 10 miles of the New Hampshire or Vermont border. Sincealcohol sales have been allowed statewide from the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving until New Year's Day.

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    In both exceptions sales were not allowed before noon. Since the law changed inoff-premises sales are now allowed anywhere in the state, with local approval, after noon. The only exception to this rule is New Year's Day, in which case alcohol sales are permitted until 4 a. Alcohol sales were likewise banned on Sunday until 12 p. However, inSunday growler purchases were made legal. Governor Dayton signed the legislation as soon as it was passed. Mississippi[ edit ] The sale of alcohol is prohibited in most of Mississippi on Sundays.

    Also, the sale of liquor is not allowed at all in nearly half of the state's counties. Paramus in Bergen County, where three of the four major malls are located, has even more restrictive blue laws than the county itself, banning all type of work on Sundays except in grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment venues.

    As recently asGovernor Chris Christie had proposed the repeal of these Blue Laws in his State Budget, [38] but many Bergen County officials vowed to maintain them. In NovemberChristie issued an executive order to temporarily suspend the blue law due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Stores can apply for permits to sell on and off-premise on Sunday if their municipality allows it. Selling on Christmas is never permitted. Because grocery stores are not permitted to carry wine or liquor, the older law essentially meant that only beer and alcoholic malt beverages could be purchased at all on Sundays.

    The aisle is roped off for compliance with the state's alcohol laws. North Carolina does not allow alcohol sales between 2 a. Monday through Saturday and between 2 a. However, the big retail chain Walmart is closed. Prior tothe law was stricter in that all businesses were closed from 12 a.

    Sunday to 12 a. Inchanges more clearly defined which businesses were exempt such as pharmacies, hospitals and restaurants. The changes were made after a blizzard, after which citizens were not able to purchase some needed goods and services due to the blue law.

    Oklahoma[ edit ] It is illegal to sell packaged liquor off-premises sales on Sundays. InBert Bellunderstanding that prerequisites to an NFL franchise being granted to him were changes in the blue laws, [51] played the primary role of convincing then Governor Gifford Pinchot to issue a bill before the Pennsylvanian legislature to deprecate the Blue Laws.

    The law also directed local communities to hold referenda to determine the status and extent of Blue Laws in their respective jurisdictions. Beer may only be purchased from a restaurant, bar, licensed beer store, or distributor. Six and twelve packs, along with individual bottles such as ounce or ounce beers, may only be purchased at bars, restaurants, and licensed retailers. For larger quantities one must go to a beverage distributor which sells beer only by the case or keg, or packs, which were added to beer distributors' inventories by state law in Beverage distributors which also sell soft drinks may sell beer and malt liquor, but not wine or hard liquor.

    Special licenses are required for businesses to take advantage of these new opportunities. Also Sunday restrictions on the hours at the state owned "Fine wines and Good Spirits" stores were eliminated. Alcohol laws of Tennessee In addition to alcohol laws varying widely across Tennessee, bartenders are prohibited from allowing alcohol to be consumed on their premises between 3 AM and 10 AM on Sunday, unless the local government has decided not to allow extended hours for alcohol sales, in which case sale before noon is prohibited.

    The first way is by type of alcohol sold. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code defines "liquor" as any beverage containing more than four percent alcohol by weight, and liquor sales are more restrictive than "beer and wine" sales.

    The second way is by where the alcohol will be consumed. Separate permits are required, and differing laws apply, based on whether the alcohol is sold for "on-premises consumption" i.

    Beer and wine[ edit ] Beer and wine can be sold for "off-premises consumption" by any retailer that can supply and has the proper licenses. A beer and wine seller may sell other non-alcohol items, and is not required to be closed for business during periods when beer and wine cannot be sold.

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    Beer can be sold between 7 a. On-premises consumption permit holders may sell beer between 10 a. In certain large cities as defined within the Code, beer sales are automatically extended to 2 a. Wholesalers can deliver liquor to retailers at any time except on Sunday or Christmas; however, local distributors can only deliver liquor to retailers between 5 a. Anamorphism is usually considered a form of Illusion or Trompe l'oeil, but is really the logical mathematical continuation of Perspective.

    While studying Classical Architecture and Perspective, Kurt Wenner applied the principles of Classical Drawing and Classical Design to the sidewalk, completely transforming the art form. Masterpieces in Chalk was the National Geographic documentary that established 3D Street Painting as a new art form, but only after 15 years could other artists sometimes with the aid of computer programs replicate the illusions.

    The most recent development in pavement art is interactive pavement art. Interactive sidewalk art, interactive pavement art, and interactive street painting, are all terms that describe large-scale paintings that allow members of the public to pose on them.

    Photographs of the works with participants posing on them are often posted on websites in order to take advantage of social networking. Art and Architecture Kurt Wenner is a master artist and architectural designer with an international following.

    He is a muralist, sculptor, and ceramic artist. The scope of his work ranges from villas and residential architecture, to lavish interior design with original works in paint and decorative relief as well as classically inspired product design.

    Press Releases

    In addition to works of art, Wenner develops educational programs, seminars and workshops, and corporate services. This site contains numerous galleries, with pavement art, drawings, architectural designs, paintings, murals, interior and exterior design, fine art and decorative relief.

    The contact window provides an opportunity to ask questions or make requests. Information about buying the book, Asphalt Renaissance is also provided, as well as a Short History of Pavement Art, and answers to the 15 most asked questions. That's exactly where Kurt Wenner often works. A former scientific illustrator for NASA, Wenner is a street artist par excellence, who draws amazing original works and occasional reproductions in chalk and pastel directly on the street.

    Hospodar, exhibits his sidewalk murals of classical compositions — destined to be washed away by time and rain — that might have put Michelangelo to shame at least the church let him do his indoors. Wenner, who learned perspective and dimension in Italy, is one of an increasingly popular breed of street performers who earn tips for their artistic labors. At least the bills are higher denominations these days, as Wenner is invited the world over to decorate various public spaces.

    To Eastern minds, the impermanence of street painting is completely natural, even unremarkable. They are most fascinated by the drawing style itself, which is very exotic and intriguing to them. But it is also a process book.

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    Although Wenner's own comments are sometimes inspiring and the text is enlightening "The invention of an entirely new form of perspective was born out of Wenner's need to make an irrefutably original artistic statement within the context of classicism"I could have done without the layout tricks, including photo captions in obtrusive color bars with faux chalk shadows.

    The monumentality of the work also begs for a larger format than this. But no book could be as incredible as Wenner's live work, which would be difficult to reproduce under any circumstances. Wenner's specialty is the centuries-old practice of street painting.

    But what sets him apart from other artists who cover swaths of public space with their work is that Wenner's work is 3D.

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    It appears to drop deep beneath the ground into another world--one often filled with characters from Greek mythology or a fairytale. We asked Wenner a few questions about how he creates his larger-than-life installations and what it's like to be an artist working in the midst of a crowd. He's also been kind enough to share some photos of his art with us; check out the full gallery on his website.

    How did you start doing street art, and how did you develop the 3D style? I started to paint on the streets of Rome, Italy in I was studying in the museums directly from the great master works of art and needed a way to make ends meet. For six months I spent eight hours a day drawing and learning from paintings and sculpture.

    At first I sold the studies to tourists and museum guards, but it did not cover my expenses. I did not speak Italian and had no permission to work in the country. One day, I saw a street painting and asked the artist what he was doing. He explained the tradition of street painting in Europe to me, where it was a traditional form of folk art. After viewing my museum drawings he asked if I'd like to paint the head of an angel while he went to lunch.

    At the time, it was not a sophisticated art form, and my drawing skills were more than sufficient in order to distinguish myself.

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