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  • At the house, they meet med student Pam and musician Mohammed. Bike messenger Puck shows up to the house later after having been arrested, and immediately makes an impression with his eccentricity.

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    Pedro reveals his HIV status to the others by showing them his scrapbook as an educator. Although Pam and Cory react positively, Rachel is made uncomfortable by the revelation, and walks away, concerned over how living with someone with HIV will affect her. The cast attempts to address these issues during a house meeting, but Puck rejects their suggestions.

    Pedro and Rachel discuss her reaction to his scrapbook presentation in the previous episode, which he took as a sign of rejection.

    The cast attends a poetry reading at Mohammed's father's club, where Mohammed reads some of his work, inspiring self-consciousness in Cory, who is still adjusting to life in San Francisco. Cory's questions about Mohammed's girlfriend, Stephanie, lead to a discussion about race. The housemates find communicating with Puck to be difficult. Puck goes to court to address his required drunk driving rehabilitation. He is later offended when only Rachel attends his soapbox derbybut the cast feel he is playing the victim for not being able to monopolize all of their time.

    Puck, who has developed a mutual dislike of Pedro, responds by not participating in Pedro's birthday celebration, and developing further conflict with Cory.

    Mohammed and Puck disagree over their perceptions about rap musicthough Puck is supportive of Mohammed's work. Judd and Pam grow close, and spend time with Christopher, her long-distance boyfriend of eight years.

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    Judd's strip, "Nuts and Bolts", is published in the Examiner. Pedro, who is concerned about the gay jokes the latter two make over the phone, ponders his relationship with Sean. The cast offers their opinions of Rachel's taste in men, but Rachel perceives Puck to be interfering in her life. Rachel's friends visit, providing social opportunities for Puck and Judd, and provoking tension with Rachel.

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    As Puck continues to resolve his legal difficulties, he finds a stray dog and takes it home. Cory sees a man named Geoff, but he may not be right for her.

    He speaks at Stanford Universitybut the cast is frustrated by Puck's monopolization of conversations in which Pedro attempts to speak with them, and by Puck's dismissal of Pedro's work. Pedro announces his engagement to Sean, and Puck dismisses it as a joke. Puck openly states that he dislikes Pedro, and feels no need to change for him or anyone, leading to an emotional group discussion among the others. They discuss how to deal with Puck over Mohammed's birthday dinner.

    Puck announces that he and Toni Cook, a girl he and Rachel met in the park, are getting married on Mother's Day. After much soul-searching, the cast decides to evict Puck. Rachel discusses her rebellious relationship with her parents. Rachel and Pedro grow closer, and he accompanies her to Arizona to meet her family, and to speak at a local school. Judd hosts a mock episode of This Is Your Life in the house for Pam's birthday, which includes a surprise appearance by Christopher. Puck meets with Cory, and complains about their eviction of him, prompting a discussion of his manipulation of others.

    Pedro's best friend, Alex Escarno, questions Pedro's decision to stay in San Francisco with Sean after the show, given his health, which experiences problems during his visit. The cast auditions three people to be their new housemate, and picks Jo Rhodes. An avid rock climberJo takes Rachel and Cory rock climbing with her after moving in. Jo goes to court to address her ex-husband's appeal of her restraining order against him.

    Single Woman Travels To San Francisco To Find A Date

    Cory and Steve accompany her to Lake Tahoewhere the restraining order is upheld. Pedro discusses his work and his future, while his health causes grave concern in the others. After he receives treatment for pneumoniahe improves, and the cast enjoys a horseback riding excursion.

    Cory feels excluded by Rachel and Jo's close friendship. Rachel invites the cast to an Empower America conference, but when Judd comes away with objections to their politics, his comments offend her. Puck invites his former housemates to his soap box derby, but none are interested in attending.

    During the ceremony, which is held at the house, Pedro and Sean exchange vows and wedding bands. Meanwhile, Rachel and Jo continue to bond, and Mohammed concentrates on his music. Puck persistently leaves offensive messages on the cast's answering machine.

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    As the housemates leave the house for good, they reflect on their time together, with some regretting that they did not spend more time together, but feel the experience has changed them for the better. Pedro Zamora fell ill and was hospitalized in New York in October He was eventually flown to Miamiand was diagnosed with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathyor PML.

    He received a phone call from President Bill Clintonwho thanked him for his work, and helped facilitate emigration of his older brothers, who were flown to Miami from Cuba, reuniting them for the first time in 14 years.

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    The money from the benefit was used to form the Pedro Zamora Memorial Fund. Though some members of the audience and the other seasons' casts expressed interest or fascination with Puck and his antics, his confrontation with his former roommate, Mohammed, resulted in Puck's distancing himself from Mohammed physically, and harsh words from others on the stage, such as second season cast member Irene Berrera-Kearns, led to him temporarily leaving the studio. He also chronicled his friendship with Zamora in his autobiographical graphic novelPedro and Me: Friendship, Loss and What I Learned.

    Judd and Pamwho fell in love during the vigil they kept over Pedro, married inand as ofhave two children. They eventually married, and as of Mayhave eight children. Los Angelesand married on camera Betty, his fiancee and mother of his sons, Bogart and Rocco.

    In his spare time, he enjoys gardening and photography, though he prefers to model, whereas his partner works behind the camera. He was active in youth and mentoring organizations, and he and Kaplan served as foster parents to a 4-year-old girl. Points of interest and recreation[ edit ] Main article: The sign was put up in the s, and in was given a place in the National Register of Historic Places as an outstanding example of early 20th-Century "civic boosterism", a tribute to the past importance of heavy industry to the regional economy, and recognizing significant contributions the area made during World Wars I and II.

    The "tree" is visible for many miles at night. Inthe pole was modified to hold a vertical numbercelebrating South San Francisco's th year as an incorporated city. An airport weather-station is sited next to the flagpole. Fabricated from steel manufactured at Bethlehem Steel. This property had been marked for nineteen prime home sites.

    Other parks[ edit ] South San Francisco has a number of other parks: South San Francisco has walkways and bike trails adjacent to the San Francisco Bayfrom which runners are able to view San Francisco International Airport operations, while wind-surfers and kayakers may launch their watercraft.

    A unique opportunity was created when BART expanded down the Peninsula to create a "linear park" on the swath of undeveloped land on top of the tube. The Class I bicycle and pedestrian trail is a 10" wide asphalt pathway with 2' decomposed granite shoulders, irrigated for low-maintenance landscaping, with safety lighting, signalized intersections where the trail crosses Spruce and Chestnut Avenues, and in-ground flashing lights at Orange Avenue.

    Also, a dog park is located adjacent from Orange Park along the pathway. The new park is called Centennial Way to commemorate the City's th birthday in Within 2 miles of the airport, many visitors come to stay while in transit or while attending conventions.

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    Despite several dining options such as Denny's and IHOP are within walking distance of the hotels, but the cityscape here is particularly bleak, with no trees or other adornment to the street. The lack of crosswalks and otheer elements of complete streets, makes it especially unfriendly to pedestrians most visitors do not come by car and it is thus hard to get from the hotels to nearby amenities.

    Other places of interest[ edit ] The downtown area along Grand Avenue has buildings from the city's earliest days. The city hall is modelled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia, while next to it sits the original Carnegie Library. Bertolucci's is an Italian restaurant that has also been around almost since the birth of the city, located in close proximity to downtown South San Francisco and is easily seen from highway As well as the Plymire-Schwartz house, the SSF Historical Society operates a museum in a former Water Company facility on Chestnut Avenue; it houses a collection that includes artifacts, oral history tapes, historic documents, special exhibits, and has a database for researching historical photographs.

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    The former Historic Preservation Commission placed descriptive markers at fifty locations throughout the city. This program is administered by a Cultural Arts Commission, which also sponsors youth programs and public events. The market offers only California-grown products sold directly to consumers. Every Holiday season residents of Parkway Estates a three-street development built in the mids off Chestnut Avenue decorate their houses and yards with Christmas lights.

    This display is open to the public, is well-known holiday attraction, and hundreds of visitors arrive every holiday season. Lilac Lane off of Palm Avenue was an earlier seasonal decoration cooperative which began in the s, at one point it was the destination of the city's Santa Claus parade, and the spot where the local Chamber of Commerce Santa passed out toys from R. Dakin formerly headquartered in SSF to hundreds of children. Few of the original residents survive and decorative technology today has far surpassed the 60's era so, in the 21st century, Lilac Lane has become a backwater.

    This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Small pockets of farmland still exist near San Bruno Mountainbut these lands have, over the years, been replaced by residential subdivisions.

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    Acres of Orchids, founded by the Rod McLellan Company in the late s, was one such example of a farm being converted to housing. Once one of the largest facilities in the United States producing orchids and gardeniasthe nursery closed in South San Francisco is home to Genentechone of the world's largest biotech companies, as well as a satellite office of Amgenthe world's largest biotech firm.

    Search 23 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco The term vegetarian used to once conjure images of tasteless tofu bean sprouts and curd - enough to make even the toughest foodie turn pale at the thought. Nowadays, vegetarianism has developed an almost cult-like status, drawing even meat-eaters into its ever-growing fold and producing innovative and creative culinary trends.

    Embracing the vegetarian lifestyle in a city like San Francisco is easy when there are plenty of phenomenal veggie restaurants and eateries to choose from — here are some of them.

    The almost entirely vegetarian menu features plenty of delicious veggie options, from freshly prepared salads and homemade soups to shiitake spring rolls and a spicy Korean BBQ bowl. All food is made from scratch with fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, and there are also gluten-free, soy-free, and other healthy options. The menu features a variety of lunchtime eats such as falafel balls, pocket sandwiches of freshly baked pita bread filled veggies, and a choice of sesame or spicy falafel balls, falafel frisbees, dolma rice wraps with flavored rice and grape leaves, and decadent desserts such as cinnamon baklava, banana milkshakes, gourmet vegan cheesecake.

    The Flying Falafel is open every day for breakfast, lunch, and early dinner. They also offer fresh fruit juices, super smoothies, and other drinks. Favorites on the menu include the kale and quinoa salad, cage-free chicken pho with organic lemongrass broth and brown rice noodles, a lemongrass chicken banh mi sandwich, and freshly squeezed and cold-pressed juices.

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