• Here there are tips on what makes strong passwords, security software e. If you want further more detailed advice on these and related matters, go to GetSafeOnline.

    If you have a speech or hearing impairment, use textphone The cost is 15p per call, no matter how long you are on the phone, from landlines and mobile phones. You may not know that you can also dial to call the emergency services: The emergency system, using any number, searches and uses all networks, not just your network.

    If at any time you are uncomfortable about cold callers, do call the police on For example, some people have had cold callers who say they are ex-prisoners on a scheme set up by the probation service.

    They are selling small household goods and say that if they show they can make a go of this work, they will be helped to obtain a permanent job. The police do not know of this scheme and ask anyone approached to contact them.

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    For further information see http: To obtain the sign go to http: Well, you can put your choice of contact person in your phone address book against ICE. Some smartphones have a dedicated facility where you add the number. Emergency service personnel know to look for this number.

    For more information, go to http: They will occur at Church House on Deansgate, Manchester, are free with refreshments but you need to let the organiser know if you wish to attend for catering purposes. For full details click, here. This article last modified Wednesday November 15, Click here to return to top Mature Driver's Assessment The Institute of Advanced Motorists provides an assessment of driving for mature motorists.

    It consists of a minute driving assessment in your own car followed by written feedback. For further details go to http: This article last modified Wednesday November 15, Click here to return to top Renewing your Driving Licence at 70 You need to renew your Driving Licence when you reach You should receive a form in the post 90 days before your 70th birthday.

    To renew online you need a valid UK passport. A new Driving licence is free. Don't be caught out by copycat websites pretending to be a government site as these sites will charge you. They offer information, advice and friendship.

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    They direct callers to the many varied groups and services that exist in their communities. They protect and support those people who suffer abuse and neglect. You can call them just for someone to talk to.

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    You can receive a weekly friendship call and, if you wish, be part of a regular group call on subjects that interest you. Their freephone numbers is 4 70 80 For further information click here www.

    This article last modified Wednesday November 15, Click here to return to top Telephone and Mailing Preference Services If you prefer not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls, the Telephone Preference Service TPS is a free official opt out register.

    You need to register your phone online at http: After registering it can take 28 days to become effective. If you continue to receive calls after that time, you should take the details of the company calling you and register a complaint.

    Registering with the TPS will not stop calls from overseas companies, although it is supposed to stop calls from overseas for UK companies, e.

    This Service will not stop silent calls as they are generated by automatic dialers. However, there is a separate service called Silent CallGuard and you can register with them online at http: There is a similar service, called the Mailing Preference Serviceif you wish to reduce the amount of unsolicited direct mailings from marketing companies.

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    Important mail, such as from your bank, from local authorities, etc. You can register at http: You can also register the details of someone who has died with the Bereavement Register to remove their details from mailing lists and marketing databases.

    This article last modified Wednesday November 15, Click here to return to top Protect your Computer Do you know how to protect your online privacy, do online banking securely and do shopping online safely For good advice go to the Government website - Cyber Aware.

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