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  • If you don’t use the right site, you’ll fail at sex dating.
  • We compiled the best—and worst—sites for you
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  • You will also find lots of pride products like rainbow dog collars and leashes, rainbow gay pride bracelets, hats, beanie babies, etc. Please watch the Video Tutorials to get an understanding of how the website is laid out.

    The reason for this is because: A PayPal Account assures us that the member is who they say they are. It deters frauds and scammers from registering, making the site safer for all who use it. A paid subscription assures that our members are active and current — i.

    The income generated helps to pay for our server, coders and software. Then, if you prefer not to support us financially at all, after you have been with us for a week or so, just cancel your PayPal subscription and your membership level will automatically convert to Complimentary FREEOR we can bypass the need for the PayPal registration completely if you know a current member who will vouch for you.

    A Complimentary Membership entitles you to everything that a Paid Membership does. If you decide to unsubscribe, either from receiving our emails or from the whole site, it is very easy to do.

    If you don’t use the right site, you’ll fail at sex dating.

    Our goal is to encourage people to accept their authentic selves, and to share that authenticity with others. Let us welcome you into the family. We are just getting started and don't have very many members yet, but we have to start somewhere.

    Please register and help us build the community. Christian Standards apply to all usernames, email addresses, profiles, conversations and forum pages.

    We compiled the best—and worst—sites for you

    Contact Mary if you have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ's. Read more about the Christian Gays website. They are a very friendly welcoming group who are like one big family. All are welcome as long as they obey the rules of the website. I am along time member of this group and I have found it to be very helpful in my spiritual journey Bruce February 3, at 2: I feel I was called to minister to all those others who have been hurt by groups like the one that forced me to pretend to be ex-gay when in my heart, I knew that God Created me to be gay.

    Christian Gays has given me a platform where I can minister to the confused, the hurting, the lonely, and more. As a Prayer Warrior, Christian Gays allows me to pray openly as the Holy Spirit leads me any time I feel there is a need to talk to God about any situation. Christian Gays is here to welcome you, to accept you as you are, and if you need to confess anything to God, we are here to help you feel HIS Forgiveness.

    February 12, at 1: When I did join, I met a few people and chatted with them on the site. Very few people had my number or even my email address. Today, I am more than just a member or a number. I am part of a group of people who understand the differences in religions and beliefs. That set us apart and above the bar on most social sites, including The Gay Christian Network, which is more about this and that, and lost the meaning of Family. Christian Gays is more than just this and that, we are a big family.

    This is by far the best site, and it actually changed my life in the way I see the world and who I am. It would be nice to hear from you people. May be someone would like to help me write and possibly publish a book of my life of rejection, good events, experiences etc.

    Suddhodana[ edit ] King Sudhodana and his court Much of the information on Suddhodana comes from Buddhist legend and scripture. He is believed to be a leader of the Shakya clan, who lived within the state of Kosala, on the northern border of Ancient India. Although in Buddhist literature he is said to be a hereditary monarch, he is now believed to have been an elected head of a tribal confederacy.

    Suddhodana's father was Sinahana. Suddhodana was said to be greatly troubled by the departure of his son and is reported in Buddhist scriptures to have sent 10, messengers to plead with Gautama to return.

    After the Buddha preached the dharma to the messengers, they were all ordained into the sangha. Later a friend of Suddhodana named Kaludayi invited the Buddha to return, at the request of Suddhodana. The Buddha also preached the dharma to him and shubhansu was later ordained as a monk. After this request from his father Gautama returned to his father's kingdom where he preached dharma to him. Gautama later returned again to his father's kingdom to see his father's death.

    Suddhodana became an arahant. Gandharard century CE. Maya was the mother of the Buddha and was from the Koliyan clan. Maya was born in Devadahain ancient Nepal. She was married to her cousin King Suddhodana, who ruled in the kingdom of Kapilavastu. In Buddhist texts, a white elephant was said to have entered her side during a dream.

    When she awoke she found that she was pregnant. As it was traditional to give birth in the homeland of the father, Queen Maya journeyed to Devadaha. However she was forced to give birth en route, in the Lumbini grove.

    It is said that the Devas presided over the birth and that two streams, one cool and one hot, flowed down from the heavens. Maya died seven days after the birth of her son, whom she had named Siddhartha or "he who achieves his aim. He joined the sangha as a child. He was ordained along with Aniruddha and Bhadra. His father was the brother of King Suddhodana.

    Ananda later became the attendant of Buddhaalmost twenty years after the Buddha's enlightenmentwhen the Buddha was around The Buddha had many private discourses with, including one on the nature of bhikkhunis. Ananda also helped to found the order of nuns or bhikkhunis.

    He pleaded with the Buddha to allow women to enter the sangha. The Buddha finally agreed to allow women to be ordained, after many refusals on condition they obey 8 rules governing respect for the monks garudhamma. Ananda was also present at the death of the Buddha. The Buddha is reputed to have told Ananda, that he could live for the remainder of the eon and that Ananda could ask for this. However Ananda did not understand the Buddha's words and did not ask for he was deaf in both ears.

    The Buddha was then visited by Marawho tried to persuade the Buddha to pass away. But the Buddha told him that the time was already right, as he had accomplished his task: At the house of Cunda the Buddha asked for food to be served.

    Hard and soft food was served to the Buddha's disciples but the Buddha was served some poisoned food. He later died after many days of pain and sickness. However, The Buddha instructed Ananda to convince Cunda that the meal eaten at his place had nothing to do with his passing and that his meal would be a source of the greatest merit as it provided the last meal for a Buddha.

    After the Buddha's death, at the 1st council convened by Mahakashyapa at Rajarha, Ananda was asked to recite all of the suttas he could remember. It is from this that he popularly is known as "Pre-eminent in remembering.

    Sanakavasa had been trained by Ananda. Ananda then decided to row into the middle of the river Ganges to attain nirvana as the countries of Magadha and Vaisaliwho occupied the banks were at war. Both countries called at Ananda to come to their bank but Ananda refused.

    After Ananda's death Vaisali and Magadha ceased their war. Devadatta[ edit ] Devadatta was the maternal first cousin or in some accounts paternal first cousin of the Buddha. For a time, Devadatta was highly respected among the sangha. Shariputra is said to have sung the praises of Devadatta in Rajagaha. After some time, Devadatta developed siddhis and his intention is said to have been corrupted. After gaining these siddhis, Devadatta attempted to kill the Buddha on several occasions, commonly thought to be motivated by jealousy of the Buddha's power.

    He is reported to have rolled a boulder toward the Buddha, piercing his flesh, and to have incited an elephant to charge at the Buddha. Devadatta then attempted to split the sangha into two, with one faction led by himself and the other by the Buddha. However, this attempt failed as all of his converts returned to the Buddha's sangha. Devadatta was reputedly remorseful toward the Buddha late in life. He is reported to have walked to the monastery where the Buddha was staying to apologize to him but, as a result of bad karmahe was swallowed up into the earth and reborn in Avici before he could ask for forgiveness.

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    Nanda was to be married to a princess named Janapadakalyani but abandoned her to join the sangha. Nanda persevered and became an arhat. She was married to King Suddhodana with her elder sister Mahamaya or Mayadevi.

    Create your own cartoon character!

    When her sister died after the birth of Siddartha Gautama she took Siddartha into her care. She also gave birth to a son, Nanda, to King Suddodhana.

    When she found him, she petitioned the Buddha, through Ananda, to allow women to enter the sangha as bhikkhuni. After many refusals, the Buddha finally agreed to allow women to enter the sangha as long as they accepted eight additional vinaya. A bhikkhuni must always pay respect to bhikkhus A bhikkhuni must spend the varsa retreat in a retreat where bhikkhus are staying Bhikkhunis must ask bhikkhus to give them official teachings twice a month Bhikkhunis must perform the end of varsa ceremony in front of bhikkhunis and bhikkhus Serious breaches of the vinaya must be dealt with by bhikkhus and bhikkhunis Once a trainee has completed her training, she must ask both the bhikkhus and bhikkhunis for ordination Bhikkhunis are not to abuse bhikkhus Bhikkhus may criticize bhikkhunis regarding disciplinary mattersbut bhikkhunis may not criticize bhikkhus.

    Maha Pajapati is said to have given the Buddha a robe made of fine cloth. The Buddha refused it, saying it was too elaborate and would cause the sangha to degenerate. Later Maha Pajapati became an arahant. Good work mobirise team.

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