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  • Parth - he is now totally confused as he just heard Vibha saying I love you, and then his name Parth - Maam, woh mujhe library main ek book mil nahi rahi thi Toh socha aapse pooch lu Are you okay Maam? Tell me the name of the book Parth - Little Women Maam Maine us din book finish nahi ki thi Vibha - Ha, yes, woh mere paas hai Vibha gets up, and looks in her drawer, and takes the book and puts it on the table, she doesn't want to personally hand it to him, as she already feels awkward As she leaves the book, and walks away, Parth feels sad, and he leaves the book and goes away.

    He goes to the library thinking he will find another book to read to distract his mind. Even though he knows that they can't express what they feel for one another, he doesn't want things to be like this But then how else would they be? Parth walks into the library, and he starts looking for a book and just then he notices Vibha walking up and down an aisle, talking to herself Vibha - turns around and sees Parth turning back and walking away, she whispers gently and holds her hand up as if to almost stop Parth Parth!

    Parth doesn't hear and walks out of the library thinking him going away will be best for her, as he thinks that is what she wants Vibha whispers gently Vibha wonders how she can keep hurting him and herself just to keep things right. But what else could there be? There would be nothing they could do together in front of everyone as a teacher and a student, and that too in the same school!

    Could the answer lie in a secret relationship? As these thoughts cross her mind, she wonders what is becoming of her, and how Parth being Parth has changed even the simplest things for her in life.

    He keeps waiting for the moment when she will want to talk to him But she never does She keeps waiting for a moment where she will ask for his forgiveness for being cold to him, and make him understand all over again that is for the best of their futures But as days pass by, and he starts to avoid her, as does she, the distance between them grows, but emotionally they're both thinking of one another Everyone starts boarding the minicoach as per Karthik sir's instructions while Vibha gets details of the trip from Urmila maam.

    Parth is the last one to enter the coach and occupies one of the two last remaining seats right in the front. He looks out of the window and tries to think about things other than Vibha.

    Soon enough Vibha comes, and Karthik advises to sit with the students and that he will sit in the front with the coach driver and give commentary along the way where there are sites to see.

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    Vibha agrees and enters the coach, only to find that the only seat she can occupy is the one next to Parth. Parth at the same time looks up and fumbles as he doesn't know what to do, he immediately looks at the back for anyone who can exchange seat with him.

    But Siyali is with Utkarsh and they're talking away, while Niti is sitting with Charlie and they're busy eyeing each other up. So he looks back at the front and looks at Vibha and turns his face away to the window again.

    Asian Vyah Success Stories

    Vibha notices this and walks to the seat, and soon as Karthik shuts the door, she goes and sits awkwardly next to Parth. As she sits, Parth looks at her, and they stare at each other for a bit, but neither of them say anything background music plays - khamoshiyan, awaz hai, tum sunne to aao kabhi, chukar tumhe, khil jayengi, ghar inko bulao kabhi, bekarar hai, baat karne ko, kehne do inko zara They then look away as Karthik starts talking over the microphone on what things they will see along the way and how the trip will be scheduled.

    Its early in the morning and students are slowly falling asleep. Vibha is sleepy as well as they have had to wake up much earlier to prepare for the trip. But she tries to keep awake as she doesn't want to be the teacher who fell asleep. But as everyone is slowly snoozing away, Karthik looks back and tells Vibha she can have a nap too and that he will wake everyone up in an hour, he then jokes that if he falls asleep as well, then the driver can wake everyone up.

    But Vibha pretends she is not sleepy. Parth is stone cold as he thinks Vibha is indifferent to him despite everything that happened between them and he feels she doesn't understand him, even though she may say that she trusts him. Her trust and confidence is no longer enough for him.

    He wants to have more, much more. Karthik is asleep soon, and Vibha notices this, and yawning away, she too falls asleep. Her head slowly falls on Parth's strong shoulder, as the coach moves up and down the rocky roads. Just as her head hits his shoulder, he looks at her, and in an instant, his coldness turns into a warm caring stare. He gazes at her, at her beautiful face, at her peaceful glow as she sleeps.

    He wants to hold her but he knows he can't, not without her permission, not wanting to make her unhappy. He holds back and just watches her.

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    All the memories come gushing back to him, and just as he's about to move her hair away from her face, her hurtful words and cold behaviour flash right before his eyes. He slowly puts his hands away and tries to look back at the window.

    Dating History

    He struggles to concentrate on the road and the scenery outside. He keeps looking back at her Soon as there is a jerk, Vibha wakes up and realizes she'd been sleeping on his shoulder Vibha - Thank you Parth nods as if to ask her again, but she doesn't say anything. The rest of the journey is equally quiet and awkward for both of them. Parth keeps stealing a glance every now and again, in the hope of her saying something, but that doesn't happen.

    He cannot find the words to start talking with her, that too on a coach that is filled with other students! As the bus keeps rocking over the windy roads, and her arms rubs against his, they both look at each other and their eyes speak a thousand words They both know that they want to say something, but can't They reach the camping site close to the historic ruins.

    As the coach stops, Vibha instructs all the students to get out, collect the camping gear from the rear end of the coach and wait till further instructions. Karthik sir helps all the students with the camping gear and as Vibha is sorting out the food items, and carrying them, Parth comes to her to help her. He doesn't say anything, just lifts the food bags Vibha - Rehna do Parth, I'll manage Parth - Its okay Vibha - Don't worry Parth As the students collect the camping gear, they are shown where to set up their tents and everyone starts to build their own double tents.

    The students form pairs, and start to set up as Parth goes to Utkarsh and helps him set up their tent. As their tent is done, Parth notices Vibha struggling to set hers up, and goes towards her Parth - Main help kar deta hu Vibha - No its okay Parth - Its okay Maam Vibha - I said I'll do it Parth Utkarsh agrees and starts to help while Parth just stands there and feels sad.

    Community Discussion

    He turns around and starts to walk away and Vibha looks up at him and feels sad. As everyone is done setting up their respective tents, Karthi sir rounds up everyone and gives a briefing on what they will do that day and then they start to eat before exploring the area. As everyone walks in the group, led by Karthik sir, Parth is walking right at the end, followed by Vibha. He keeps turning around to check on her, but each time he notices that she is looking away.

    This just makes him more sad and his anger is starting to build up. He tries hard to remain focussed on the ruins and listen to Karthik sir than feeling what he feels and thinking about Vibha. Vibha tries to not look at him and makes sure all the students remain in the group and no one goes astray. After an exhaustive day, they return to the camp site and after dinner, they all are advised to relax for an hour and then sleep for an early start the next day.

    They build a small campfire, and start playing games, singing songs, while Parth sits isolated in a corner. Utkarsh asks him to join in the merry making, but he says he'd rather be alone. Vibha seems him sitting by himself but doesn't go over to him to try and talk sense into him. Soon enough, it starts to rain, and Karthik sir tells everyone to go into their tents and rest up and sleep.

    Frequently asked questions

    Everyone heads to their tents, but Parth continues to sit outside. Utkarsh tells him to come into their tent, but he simply nods. He says he will come in, but walks further away.

    Vibha notices Utkarsh coming back and asks him why he isn't in the tent, and he says he went to call Parth.

    Ashwin Sood

    And then Vibha finds out that Parth walked further away so she asks Utkarsh to be in his tent and that she will bring Parth. She takes an umbrella and heads towards where Parth went.

    As she sees Parth standing next to a tree, and getting wet, lost in thoughts, she goes towards him, and her umbrella flies away She continues to walk towards him, lost in his thoughts She goes closer to him and he holds her She smiles softly, and his anger vanishes away He lets a small smile appear on his face and as she comes even closer, he leans in to kiss her

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