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    I am very short and I am proud of it. I listen to all types of music and watch all kinds of movies. I live in Utah and someday, I am going to move back to Seattle where I belong. Talk to me and I will talk back.

    Top Cities in Utah

    I love meeting new people and trying new things. I'm up for anything at least once. I'm a unique person, you'll never find anyone quite like me.

    I'm not a follower but I'm not a leader either. I'm my own person and I'm proud of it. I'm Lauren Stem, I'm a girl with needs and wants. I want to become a photographer and get my stuff known, graduate from school, and finally live on my own.

    Utah Singles

    I need my friends and my family. I'm not like all the other girls. I'm simple and hard headed. I don't care what people think of me, I just wana enjoy life. I do stupid things cuz it makes people laugh or question what is right in their little world. My main hobbies working at sucky jobs, reading, writing, scrapbooking and listening to music. I am usually found at home in bed, at work or at the library on the net I'm always looking to do something fun and adventurous.

    Reasons Fling is the World's Best Personals Service Online:

    Please don't be afraid to say hi: I like to write, cook, communicate with my peers,and Debate. Especially with Hoshiko i enjoy the abuse I am very passionate about music. I am deaf and know sign language. If you want to know more just ask. I also like the outdoors camping, hunting, fishing.

    When i'm not doing any of those things I love to ride my Harley. I ride on the fire truck and ambulance. I really enjoy helping others. I feel others are more important than myself.

    Hot dating site utah

    I really want to make a change in my community. I really want to play professional football or baseball. I'm very open minded and very accepting of other people. I fit in with pretty much everybody. I've had my heart broken time and time again and therefore I observe and analyze people thoroughly. Hi my name is Tyson. I like to ride bulls, and be around rodeo.

    Hot dating site utah

    I run red angus cows that i bought this spring. I'm a cowboy i guess is what you would call me. I also raise bucking bulls and heifers.

    World's Best Free Casual Personals!

    I love my life its way fun. Hit me up if ya'll wanna no more a. Utah Singles bonal 28 year old woman I am outgoing and I like to talk and get to know people.

    Hot dating site utah

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